Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy session

Clinical Hypnotherapy has long since been proven effective in treating a wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological conditions. Clinical hypnotherapy can succeed where other more conventional methods of treatment have not produced the desired result.

Essentially, where the problem is as a result of habitual conditioning, accumulated stress or unresolved issues and experiences in your life, clinical hypnotherapy is the ideal intervention. By accessing and re-programming these issues, habits and behaviours at a subconscious level you can be helped to successfully move on in your life.

Clinical hypnotherapy is natural and safe, with no harmful side effects. As human beings, we regularly go in and out of a light trance state – often referred to as ‘Day dreaming.’

I possess particular expertise with issues involving anxiety, self-confidence, motivation, relationship / bereavement issues, stress and increasing self-esteem.  Helping people to reduce their weight, work on their inner child, stopping smoking, cravings, fears and phobias.  I offer Past Life Regression sessions to deal with any issues or simply for interest-only purposes.

Any further queries you may have can be addressed in your free, no obligation consultation.