I always ask my clients how they feel after a session with me. Some have also contacted me afterwards to tell me how their treatment has benefitted them. Here is just some of the feedback I have received…

“An amazing difference in such a short space of time. Really got to the root of the problem and removed it.

Feeling so much more positive generally too.”

A.S. East Grinstead.

“Pamela has helped me beyond words when I was at my lowest point, after exhausting every diet possible and not knowing where to go from there. The weight management programme sessions and Pamela’s support in between helped me re-awaken my bodies natural relationship with food.  As a result I have lost inches and have a new found love for the gym!  Thanks to Pamela I can now look forward to a healthier, fitter future.”

Holly. Turners Hill.

I now feel confident in myself.  All the past worrying about food – I don’t need to do that anymore.  I can’t thank you enough.’

P.P. East Grinstead.

“We had a dance lesson this evening. The first time we have been able to go together in over a year now that J’s pain has gone. She is once more the bubbly, full of life active woman she used to be. The change is unbelievable!”

(J.P.  OldPain2Go treatment for arthritis in the knee.)

Believe in yourself - Pamela Crane Senior Hypnotherapist
After suffering with anxiety for a few years, I came to you after it gradually started to get worse. Hypnotherapy has been a big help and an option I wish I'd have thought of sooner; it's been a major help to me in battling my anxiety in ways I wouldn't have been able to foresee beforehand and has helped me become more positive as a person. It's effect was so beneficial to me and I am sincerely grateful for all the help you have given me. You are a lovely person and I will recommend you to anyone who would benefit from hypnotherapy

K.E. Forest Row.

“It’s been ten months now since I’ve needed to take any pain killers. Being without pain is wonderful. Coming to you was the best investment I have ever made.”

(F.B. Crowborough – arthritis in her knee)

“Pamela helped my husband and I prepare for the birth of our second child. Our sessions with her were to refresh our techniques in Hypnobirthing which we learnt 6 years prior for the birth of our first born, and we were not left disappointed. She was incredible. Incredibly warm, compassionate, understanding of our needs, and most importanly, effective. We wanted to connect on the deepest level of trust and harmony so that we could birth our baby at home in calm and peace. She gave us triggers to take us to deep states of peace, she brought out my inner mother warrior and brought us closer together through the journey we embarked into our subconscious minds. We felt safe with her and we got exactly what we wanted. A safe home birth with no outside intervention. I’ll never forget the birth and the techniques she taught us. Thank you Pamela. I highly recommend”

Alexandra and Darrin. East Sussex.

“Just to let you know that after not feeling able to fly for years, I was absolutely fine on my flight. It really surprised me I was so pleased! Thankyou”

N.S.C Ashurstwood