Are you struggling to reduce your weight?

weight stomachIf you are someone whose repeated attempts to ‘diet’ have failed and that excess fat is either proving difficult to remove or the weight piles back on again once you begin eating normally again, read on.  Logically, we all know that if we eat less and exercise more we will lose weight but it’s not always that easy using will power alone. So, here are a few tips you just might find helpful. They are simple to implement and won’t cost you a penny.

Break the association: break the habitual association with snacking in certain situations/environments. For example, if you usually snack when you are watching television and perhaps others are snacking too, go to another room on your own and re-consider if you really still want that snack.  Stay in this room and eat the snack very slowly if you decide that you really do want it. The bathroom is a good room to go to. Who wants to eat in the bathroom?!

Don’t deny yourself completely all the types of food you enjoy: if you do that your mind will focus on it and your body will crave it all the more. In a similar way, if I said to you “Don’t think about elephants” that’s probably the first thing that would come into your mind!

Craving chocolate is a good example. You are probably craving the sugar and the sweet taste and the initial ‘high’ chocolate gives you. So, if you crave some chocolate – have some. The trick though, is to just put a small piece on your tongue and savour the flavour and texture whilst it slowly melts. Doing this will respond to the craving and a tiny piece will soon be worked off.

Speed up your movements: A study some years ago revealed that if all we do is quicken the pace of our movements as we go about our everyday lives, over the space of a year we will drop a dress/trouser size. Try it for yourself. I did, and it worked for me.

Here’s to your success in becoming the weight and size that’s right and healthy for your body.

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