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bench daylight lake reduce stress and anxiety

Is anxiety blighting your life?

Anxiety is, for many people, a common problem. Whether it’s anxiety about new situations, meeting people, exams or speaking in public, anxiety can have crippling effects upon our lives. A...
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Anchoring positive feelings

‘Anchoring’ is a very powerful technique used by hypnotherapists to great effect.  Anchoring is a technique you can to learn too and is something you can use to trigger positive...
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Training your mind and body to sleep

Start with your mind: Most sleep problems are psychological obstacles that we put in sleep’s way. It’s helpful to adopt a more relaxed and confident approach to sleep. The more...
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Maturing with Attitude Part 1

This article is the first of two written by Pamela Crane with the aim of helping you to remain youthful for longer in both mind and body. Starting your journey...
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Stress relief

Learn how to relax and become calm

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to help people to deal with stress, to relax more and become calmer. Indeed, this therapy has helped many people deal with...
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a cup of suugar

Are you a slave to sugar?

With the British Medical Association now calling for a 20% tax on sugary food and drinks, sugar has been recognised as the main culprit for Britain’s current obesity problem. Many experts...
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The Pressure To Be Perfect

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” The words from Leonard Cohen’s song, ‘The Anthem’ are well worth remembering.  Nothing and no-one is...
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