Maturing with Attitude – Part 2

This is my second piece written to help you to learn how you can remain youthful for longer in both mind and body and to mature with attitude.

In part 1, the importance of taking care of your body and why this is so crucial in achieving a healthier, more youthful condition and lifestyle was covered. The first of the visualisation and mind re-programming techniques were also included. I hope you found the time to include these in your daily routine and are already beginning to reap the benefits.

If you missed part one, you can access it on this link:

So, onwards with your journey towards a more youthful mind and body:

I’m sure you will agree that self-confidence is a most attractive attribute to possess. Are you someone who feels confident in themselves, confident in who you are as a person and in how you present yourself? Have you ever noticed people who are not what we would call ‘traditional beauties’ yet, we feel attracted to them; the way they hold themselves, their command as they enter a room, the way they move. Confidence is what they exude and confidence is attractive, youthful and contagious!

A technique to help you to feel better about yourself and to boost your confidence:

Think of someone who loves you. What is it that they love about you? How do you think they see you? What are their thoughts about you? Now, imagine seeing yourself through their loving eyes and begin to feel how lovable you really are. Do this regularly. You might want to write your attributes down too and re-read them on occasions as a reminder.

Be the creator of the person you choose to be:

Sitting in a quiet space, create a scene, an image in your mind of you being as you’d like to be, doing what you would like to do. In the role of an observer, notice how that ‘other you’ holds themselves, how they move. Watch as they smile and interact with others confidently and openly. See how alive and youthful they appear. Watch how others respond to them in that scene. Now, make it a really bright and colourful image. Turn up the volume so you can hear the verbal interactions, hear the confident tone of their voice and the positive comments they may be receiving.

Once you are happy with the whole thing, imagine stepping into the body of the ‘other you’ in that scene. On doing this, you will be able to experience how it actually feels to be that other you in that scene, in that situation. Spend some time enjoying how good this feels. Practise this many times a day so that your subconscious mind gets used to giving you those feelings. Your subconscious mind is amazing, however, it can’t differentiate between real and imagined so, just as it gets used to giving you these good feelings, the more you are likely to achieve what it is you are imagining; becoming that ‘other you’ – the real you.

Welcome change into your life to acquire a more youthful outlook:

Are you someone who resists change, someone who is risk averse? Being afraid of making changes, of making mistakes or worrying what others might think is not only limiting one’s enjoyment of life but it’s also very ageing. Fear of change could be robbing you of your youthfulness right now.

Think of your family, friends and acquaintances; how many of them appear older than their years? Think of their personalities and you will recognise those who are stuck in the same old, same old, people who are reluctant to do things differently. Have you noticed that they appear older than their biological age? Conversely, you may know of people in excess of seventy years who are not afraid to try new things, to move out of their comfort zone and who live their lives to the full. Embracing change is how they stay youthful for longer.

To step out of your comfort zone try making small changes. Making even small changes will help to shift those ‘stuck’ behaviours and out-dated habits. Make it a habit to change at least one thing every day. It doesn’t matter how small. Once your mind gets used to change, making bigger changes will just come naturally.

The scope of small changes you could begin to make is vast but here are a few simple ideas to get you started. If you normally have your first cuppa of the day before you get dressed, dress before you go downstairs. Change your hairstyle, say yes to the next social invitation. Order something you’ve never tried before in a café or restaurant. Wear something different or brighter than your usual wardrobe.  Wear your best clothes the next time you go to work or to the shops. You will soon begin to notice how different it makes you feel. You could step out of your comfort zone today and start to get the most out of your life and begin to feel and appear more youthful in every way.

If you feel you need a nudge to get your subconscious to help you change long standing behaviour patterns, a session or two of hypnotherapy would be an excellent place to start. A good hypnotherapist can work on boosting your self-confidence too which will help to lay a firm foundation on which to begin changing your outlook on life.

So, that’s it for part two. I hope that you feel spurred on to trying out the techniques, all of which will move you further on your path towards a more youthful mind and body.

Here’s to the next leg of your journey.

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