Food Addictions

Are you addicted to certain types of food?

Are you someone who just cannot leave certain types of food alone? Is there is a particular type of food stuff that you’d like to stop eating – for good!?

Whether it’s bread, crisps, cakes or biscuits, eating too much of these things could have an adverse effect upon our health – and your waistline. Working with your unconscious mind you can learn to not even desire something you once thought you couldn’t live without.

I have helped many people who were once addicted to a particular food, to stop eating that food stuff altogether.

Here is the feedback from a couple of people who wanted to stop eating bread:

“I went to Pamela to stop eating bread it made me sluggish and I’d been told I had a slight allergy but was pretty much addicted. Breakfast, lunch and sometimes a slice in the evening.

Went to Pamela and she worked her magic. I’ve never had bread since I finished 2 years ago”

Sarah L.

” 2 weeks ago I was craving bread and Pamela told me she could help me.
Bread was my go-to snack to avoid meals. Convenient but always slowed me down and bloated me leaving me under nourished and with indigestion. I had ONE hypnotherapy session with Pamela to intentionally to turn me off bread.
I’m stunned. When I look at bread my mouth drys up and just thinking about chewing it up and swallowing it is revolting.”

Kate V.

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