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Senior man with osteoarthritis pain

Take control of your pain using OldPain2Go

Are you experiencing pain that you have had for more than a few months?

Has your condition been diagnosed by a medical professional and have they prescribed or suggested pain medication or management? 

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, then the following may be of interest to you.

Rather than just managing your pain, let me introduce you to the latest ideas in old pain message reduction or removal.  As long as you really want your old pain to go (and have no reason for it to stay), I could help you pass that intent to the part of you that controls your pain messages.  Working with you, not on you, we will ascertain if it is now safe for those old pain messages to no longer be sent out.  If your body still feels some level of pain is necessary as a warning or preventative strategy (to stop you from overdoings things, perhaps) it could still reassess and lower the volume of the pain message so that you could be more comfortable.

This may sound too simple to be true,  particularly if you have been told or believe you will always suffer pain, but the OldPain2Go method is based on sound logic, the latest in understanding of the mind/body connection and the fact that neural connections in the brain are the same for physical and emotional pain.

Pain is a way of the body getting you to take action, once the action has been taken the pain will be recalculated automatically. Pain is complex and doesn’t only relate to cell damage, it also takes into account your emotions, thoughts and beliefs as well as your circumstances.

This process does not numb the area, therefore, you will be able to notice a new pain should you need to.  Importantly, new pain won’t be masked by the level of the old pain message. OldPain2Go is a non-medical intervention, rather, it uses the mind-body connection.  It’s not hypnosis. No trance is required.

Could it work for you?   

You don’t need to believe this will work, just have an open mind.  Take a look at the  https://oldpain2go.com/  website to see more videos of people who have used this method.

Even if your problem is one you will have for life it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to keep the pain message for life. 


Please note: The above is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, assessment or treatment. I am not medically trained and therefore do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. You can only access the above service if you have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief or pain management.

I was so pleased to go to the rescue of the wonderful Sweehheart Swing Sisters a 1940’s tribute group. Dani, one of the three members, had, in her words, ‘put her back out’ and was in so much pain it was feared she wouldn’t be able to perform with the group in the afternoon at the Forest Row festival. 

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