Past Life Regression

Re-visiting our previous lives can have a beneficial effect upon our emotional and physical health and well being. Being regressed to a past life or to an earlier stage in this lifetime can help us to work through and resolve issues we may be holding onto and which are having a detrimental effect upon our emotional and physical well being today.

Where appropriate, I use life regression techniques within the hypnotherapy session as a part of the therapeutic process.

Past Life Regression – for ‘interest only’ purposes

Past Life RegressionGoing back into past lives can also be very intriguing! I have regressed many people who wished to know about lives they have lived in the past. No, we haven’t all been famous people in our previous lives but there have been some very interesting findings.

Some details given during a past life regression session have been researched subsequently with amazing results.

A typical example is of the woman who went back to a life in the 1890s and gave the name and a description of the house she lived in and its location. She described in detail the type of uniform her husband wore in the army and the year he was killed in action.

After the session, and having confessed that history was not one of her strong points, she subsequently did some research on the internet and discovered that the house she had named and described as being ‘quite large but in the grounds of a bigger, grander house’ is now a ten bedroom hotel originally built as a dower house in the grounds of the main residence. The last time the particular uniform she described was worn was in the second Boer war, which coincided with the year she said her husband had died. She plans to make a visit to the hotel.

Who knows what other lives you may have lived?

A Past Life Regression session makes an unusual gift too, for the person who has everything!