Reiki & Seichem

Reiki sessionReiki is an ancient, natural energy intervention method using the energy of the earth which is all around us. The energy is channelled through to the recipient by the trained and attuned Reiki practitoner.

Reiki utilises the energy of the earth, whereas, Seichem harnesses all four energies (earth, water, fire and air) and hence, is even more powerful and effective.

Both Reiki and Seichem promote wellness on all levelsemotional, physical and spiritual. There is no belief system attached to Reiki or Seichem and thus, anyone can receive and derive benefit from a Reiki or Seichem treatment, the only requirement is the desire to be healed.

I am qualified and experienced in both Reiki and Seichem and can therefore, offer you the very best of treatments for a wide range of emotional and physical and spiritual issues and ailments.

A Reiki / Seichem Treatment

Receiving a Reiki or Seichem treatment is a very simple process. It is not necessary for any clothing to be removed as both systems will pass through anything. The treatment is predominantly ‘hands off’ and I will gently place my hands in a sequence of positions above your body. The whole process is discreet and non-obtrusive. You, the whole person is treated rather than just the specific symptoms.

After the treatment many people feel amazingly relaxed in both mind and body. Individuals usually report having had a very good nights sleep after receiving a treatment. Indeed, a relaxed feeling (as is also the case after having hypnotherapy) usually continues for a number of days afterwards.

I also use crystals to enhance and increase the efficacy of your treatment. Some people who have experienced Reiki without the addition of crystals have commented on how much more powerful the effect is when crystals are used.

Often, a single treatment is all that is required, particularly if the issues are around the need to relax or to de-stress.
Many people have a treatment from me on a regular basis as a means of relaxing their mind and body and to generally re-charge their batteries.

Contact me for a chat about how Reiki and Seichem could help you.