Weight Control

Are you tired of counting calories and fed up with diets which only work in the short term?

Have you tried a number of different ‘diet regimes’ without success?

Do you want to be freed from dieting for the rest of your life and healthily achieve the size and weight which is right for your body? 

If you have answered, ‘Yes’ to one or more of these then the following weight management programme could be the answer you have been searching for.



The weight and size management programme I offer is not based on a diet.  You are free to eat whatever you choose – just less of it. You already know that when you deny yourself certain foods you crave them even more.  Your body requires a sufficient amount of food in order for it to function in a healthy way.  Diets which require you to drastically restrict this amount cause your body to go into ‘famine mode’ In this state, your body actually holds onto the fat in order to keep you alive and thriving.  These are just two of the reasons why, for many, diets work only in the short term.

This programme is more successful because I thoroughly assess and address your individual needs, your attitude towards food and why you eat as you do. This programme is geared towards a permanent change in lifestyle and freedom from relentless dieting.

Helping you to re-awaken your natural ability to control your weight. 

You were born with the perfect weight and size control system, enabling you to thrive and survive.  A healthy baby will cry to be fed but as soon as its little stomach is full it will stop feeding.  However, over years of being told,  ‘Eat it all up and you’ll grow big and strong,’  ‘Eat your dinner and you can have some sweets‘,  ‘You can’t leave the table until your plate is empty’, etc, this natural ability is compromised. Your signals to eat when you are hungry and to stop eating when your stomach is full are overridden and so your subconscious stops giving you the signal telling you when your stomach is full and even sometimes the signal telling you when you are hungry.  Why would it bother to do that – you don’t listen and respond anyway.  I will address with you and your unconscious mind those years of conditioning.

Aimed at being one of the most comprehensive and thorough weight management programmes available, another important and very positive aspect is the way people feel about themselves on completion.  Once more able to look in the mirror and like what they see.  Here is an example of just one of the testimonials:

“I now feel confident in myself. All the past worrying about food – I don’t need to do that anymore. I can’t thank you enough”  (P.P. East Grinstead)

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Components of the programme.

  • This programme consists of four sessions carried out over a period of between four and seven weeks, depending on your requirements.
  • Comprehensive written guidance for your success is provided and explained in detail.
  • Food/Mood diaries for you to complete at the beginning and end of the programme. These aid with the  assessment of your individual issues and also give excellent evidence of your progress and achievements.
  • Motivational texts and support calls helping you to stay motivated and positive about your progress.
  • A mind re-programming CD which you need to listen to daily.
  • A half price top-up/reinforcer session is also available if taken within two months of the programme ending.
  • Help with goal setting for your future once the programme has ended.

Your full commitment is essential throughout the programme. It is important that you do your part consciously to let your unconscious mind know just how important it is for you to become healthier, fitter and slimmer.