The Power Within You workshop

During this inspirational workshop, you will learn about your inner power and how you can tap into it, thus enabling you to feel better about yourself, to achieve your full potential and to create a more positive mindset.

The content is also available as a three-session personalised programme for individuals.


Using The Law of Attraction workshop

Your thoughts are more important and more powerful than you could ever imagine. Indeed, they have a real impact upon your life and what you attract into it. The ‘Law of Attraction’ has been documented and known about for centuries and has been used to great effect by many, many people. This workshop will show you how you can use it to create the life you choose.

(Both workshops include demonstrations and practice of visulalisation techniques but no hypnosis is used)


Comments from some previous participants of the above workshops:

‘Brilliant! Everyone would benefit from this – it should be compulsory!’

‘You have reminded me that I am important and have the power to change my life.’

‘Thank you for showing me how to start a new chapter.’

‘You have made me feel fantastic and have helped me most importantly to visualise what I want to do next with my life.’

‘I cannot wait to get started with my positive thinking – starting from now!’

‘I feel lighter and more free after listening to your talk.’

‘Here’s to the new me … positive, happy and thankful for everything I have or want to receive.’

‘Invigorating and good value.’


Stress Reduction Workshop

These workshops are specifically aimed at groups of between 6 and 20 people. They have been delivered with great success for people in business where there is a lack of motivation within the staff group or where the company is experiencing change which impacts upon the staff members.

The content varies and will be devised in line with the requirements of your individual group.

As a qualified trainer and with many years experience of working with people to help them to alleviate their stress levels, I offer a quality, effective experience for all participants.

Contact me now to discuss developing a workshop specifically for your group.


Hypnotherapy in Your Own Home

Experiencing hypnotherapy with a small group of friends in your home environment can be a good introduction to the therapy if you are just initially curious or want a different theme for an evening with your friends.

Why not invite your friends around to enjoy a fascinating, beneficial and relaxing hypnotherapy experience. Choose one of the following themes:

Stopping Food Cravings

Relax and Chill

Confidence Booster

These groups sessions can consist of up to a maximum of eight people (and a minimum of five) and cost £15 per person.

Where there are five or more guests, your place, as the host, is free.